Cost of building a website

One of the topics that has been discussed and discussed so little on the web is how to determine the cost of a website. All the professionals we have come across many times with customers who have been left speechless listening to the price of their website. Many times we come in contact with people who are really misinformed by what they have read or heard from colleagues in the field. The answer to the cost of a website is certainly not simple, nor can we have a price list and present it every time a customer comes to our office. The customer should not forget that he does not order from the menu of a restaurant but is in a creative office that provides services. The problem with the provision of services in general is that it creates misunderstandings as to the costing because let us not forget that it is something intangible without giving something clear to the recipient - customer. We would say that it is more of a quality good than a quantitative one. This is where the issue of misunderstanding or misunderstanding arises. Therefore we as professionals have to be as clear as possible and explain to our customers exactly what we mean and what we provide.

Our experience so far has shown that we as professionals should make clear in the market what is the profile of the customer we are looking for. This basically means that we need to have a clear sales strategy and reach the right recipients - customers of our services. It's completely pointless to try to sell something expensive to someone who does not have the money or the philosophy for that particular good. At first he will not understand what you are telling him and in the end he will spread in his circle that you are an expensive seller of the specific service. The result for you, rather damaging. You also wasted time creating a negative image for your product. So we must have a clear target group and address them strictly. We either sell it cheaply or expensively.

But to return to our topic, the costing of a website, you must as customers, in order to be able to properly judge an offer, take into account the following:

a) The type of website (eg prefabricated open source CMS type Joomla or Custom from scratch custom-made website)
b) The experience of the manufacturer
If this is someone who is an amateur and makes websites for his hobby, then obviously the price will be low. But if we are talking about a professional who has his own office, has experience and clientele with jobs that you can see at any time and check, then surely his price will be much higher.
c) Support & further development
Let's not forget that a website does not end with its design. The professional should be able to support you at every level but also to advise you on the right course and its promotion at every stage of its development. It's not something you just start and it goes on by itself. It needs constant monitoring and development. Otherwise your project is "finished" from the first day of his birth.

The good news today is that just because the internet has become very competitive, there is no room for sloppiness. So one who does not provide excellent services can not easily survive. What is certain is that it cannot claim the market share it is aiming for.

In conclusion, what we suggest in each new contact with our potential customers is to be sure of what they want to do and to have as clear goals as possible. Only then can one have the best possible result in the value for money of a website.