How negative keywords affect SEO

Negative keywords are words or phrases that we do not want to be included in the search result when trying to find some information. In SEO, negative keywords can be used to prevent a web page from appearing in search results that is not relevant to the topic the user is searching for.

As an example if a doctor, he would not want to use the words "misleading" or "fraud" as a keyword in his campaigns, as they will attract users who are looking for related topics, which of course will have a negative impact for him.

In addition, negative keywords can be used to prevent content that may be unusual, superficial or unwanted from appearing.

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Negative keywords + SEO

But negative keywords aren't the only method to minimize a website's appearance in search results. There are other ways like content management and proper use of keywords that are relevant to the website's topic. Also, the use of meta tags and other options in the HTML code can help limit the appearance of a web page in search results.

Overall, negative keywords can be useful in minimizing the appearance of a web page in non-relevant results. However, they should be used with caution and should be combined with other SEO tactics to achieve the best possible result.