The internet dominates in informing the world!

As more and more people turn to the Internet for information, mainly due to Internet services on mobile phones and social networking sites, the US media has little to do with Internet groups, according to a report released today by the US. .

"The information sector has not developed a new model and has lost ground to its technology rivals," said Pew στην's State of the Media 2012 report.
"But there is growing evidence that the place of information in people's lives is growing. "This could be a lifeline for the future of journalism," the institute said.

Nearly one in four Americans (27%) is now informed via cell phone. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter still play a limited role in the flow of information: 9% of traffic to information sites comes from Facebook, Twitter and other such networks, while 21% comes from Google.
"The media has a famous opportunity in the field of mobile phones and social networks. "But they need to understand the behavior of the public and develop the right technological and economic models," said Amy Mitchell.

Internet giants such as AOL, Facebook, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft acquired the 68% of Internet advertising in 2011. On the contrary, information websites suffer from a lack of advertising. According to the report, about 100 American newspapers are preparing to turn their websites into subscriptions, following the example of the New York Times and another 150 newspapers that ask for subscriptions so that the reader can visit them.