Tips & Tips for online shopping and safe browsing of websites and eshop

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the consumer public can go with a simple click to thousands of virtual stores and make any purchase they wish. Clearly this gives the advantage of comfortable and immediate purchase of a product, but online consumers should not forget the basics. Just as they would take steps to secure their money in a conventional store in the real world, so they need to be protected from any scams and risks posed by the internet.

Safe WebSites

But how can one find out if a website is really secure and therefore reliable? Secure sites use the so-called encryption technology to transfer information from your computer to their computer and vice versa. It is a technology that encrypts information sent by a user, such as a credit card number for example, to prevent potential hackers from obtaining that number when the information is sent. The only people who have the right to decode the code are those with the legal rights to access it.

Website Search before buying

Make sure you do business with companies you already know and trust. If the company from which you are going to buy is unknown, then it would be good to research some things around it, for your own safety. Also, a good move would be, if the company is unfamiliar to you, to initially buy something at a low price, to see how things turn out.

Always read the Terms and Conditions

Every reputable and well-organized company that has its products on the internet, has a section on its website with the Terms of Transaction and the Conditions that must be met in order for the transaction that you will carry out to have a smooth outcome. It would be good to always read these terms to be covered in the legal part of the issue, if something goes wrong.

Find out about cookies

Companies that sell on the internet, are used to tracking the purchases and habits of customers using "cookies". It is an online monitoring system that renders pieces of our Internet browser code to track which sites we visit when searching the Internet.

The safest way to shop online

The safest way to shop online is with a credit card. In the event that something goes wrong, you are protected under federal fair charge law. You have the right to challenge charges on your credit card, and you can get your debits back after an inquiry proving that your creditor owed you the wrong charge.

Never publish your Social Security Registration Number

Provision! The Social Security number is not a prerequisite for placing an order online. There is no reason for your creditor to ask you for this number. By giving the Social Security number you could easily lead someone to steal your identity.

Keep your password secret

Never reveal your password to anyone. When choosing a password, do not use widely known information, such as your date of birth, your mother's first name, your driver's license numbers, or your Social Security number. Do not use the same password for other websites that link to sensitive information.

Beware of Messages "Phishing

Hackers send bulk emails to Internet users asking them to update their bank account information, credit cards, or other popular shopping areas. The email may indicate that your account information has expired, been tampered with, or lost, and that you should send it back to the company immediately. Do not reply to any request for financial information that you receive by email.

Print / Save copies of your orders

Once you have completed your order, you will receive a confirmation page that will review your entire order history. It should include the cost of the order, product information, and the confirmation number. We recommend that you print or save one or more copies of the website that lists the item you ordered, as well as the page that lists your company name, mailing address, phone number, and legal terms, including company policy for product returns.

Pay attention to shipping methods

By law, the company must ship your order within the time specified in its advertisement. If the shipping time frame is not specified, the merchant must ship the product within 30 days.

Find out the terms of cancellation / return and handling of complaints

There are many times when you need to return the product you bought for various reasons. Check the website for cancellation and return policies. Be sure to check for the following:

  • Who pays for the shipping?
  • Is there a time limit for return / cancellation?
  • Is there a phone number or e-mail for complaints?
  • Is it easy to get repair services?
  • Is there a product warranty?

Buyer intuition

Take a critical look at the site. If any of the following questions ring the alarm, it would be wise to turn to another site for your purchases:

  • Do the company's prices seem unusually low?
  • Does this internet marketer look like an amateur?
  • Are there many spelling or syntax errors on the site?
  • Do your phone calls go unanswered?

Check using disposable card numbers

There are virtual credit cards that use a random number as a substitute for the actual number of your credit card. Such cards can be used to purchase goods and services by telephone and mail.

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures on global and national trade law have complex legislation behind them. Electronic signatures and electronic files used in transnational and foreign trade do not lose their validity because they are in electronic form. The law says that online shopping does not have to be accompanied by a traditional handwritten signature, as is necessary for example in a document.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are the link between buyers and sellers and allow them to communicate in a bidding process on items available for sale. Many people participate in online auctions because they have the opportunity to buy items at discounted prices as well as the opportunity to sell some of their unnecessary or unwanted items in order to raise extra money. Online auctions are generally a safe way for people to exchange goods. But it makes sense to be careful and know something more.

Online Sales Tax

In general, online shopping does not include sales tax, but there is a small window in some cases. If an online marketer has a physical presence in your state, he or she is required to charge you a so-called sales tax. In most Member States, consumers are required to pay tax on online purchases, even if the shop where they shop does not pay the corresponding tax.

Be aware of dynamic pricing

Some online marketers use dynamic pricing to discriminate prices. In this way, they charge different prices to different consumers for the same products or services. When you buy goods or services online, you may be paying a higher or lower price than another customer buying the same product from the same site at the same time. Online shopping allows consumers to easily compare prices. But they also allow businesses to gather detailed information about each customer's shopping history and preferences. Online stores can use this information to adjust the prices they ultimately charge you.


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