How to import products in Woocommerce


The introduction of products to Woocommerce it is a relatively simple process that can be done with simple basic knowledge of content management. It is a classic question as soon as we complete a project and we are asked "how do I pass products in my store?" ".

It can be done in two different ways, either manually, something we describe below, or by importing a csv/xml file that has the list of products passed in the appropriate format.

The second procedure requires technical skills and is recommended for those who know how to do it.

With his help Woocommerce, you can import your products into a website, organize them and make them look right to your website visitors. Importing is easy and fast. First, you need to create a category or categories for your products. You can then import your products into the category you created. Finally, you can add photos, descriptions and other information about your products.

How to create a store


First of all, to be able to import products, the Woocommerce plugin must be installed. It is not by default in an installation WordPress, so it must be installed first.

1. Start by installing Woocommerce. You can do this from your WordPress admin from the “Plugins” section.

2. After installation, you will need to create an admin account for your store. This will allow you to manage your store and create your ads if you wish.

3. Next, you should create your store pages. This can be done by installing a Woocommerce theme or by installing a WordPress theme.

4. Finally, you should create your products. This can be done by importing your products from a CSV / XML file or by creating the products with the Woocommerce admin.

How to import products to Woocommerce


1. Login to Woocommerce admin.

2. Go to the “Products” menu and select “Add New”.

3. Fill in the product details such as name, category, details, images and available options.

4. Add the product prices and available order options.

5. Add the available payment methods for the product.

6. Add the available shipping methods for the product.

7. Add any additional product details available, such as product type and manufacturer

8. Press the “Save” button to save the product.

How to manage product images

1. In the Woocommerce admin, select your store and select the "Products" tab.

2. Click on the product you want to edit and select the "Images" tab.

3. On the next screen, you will see a list of product images. You can add new images by clicking the Add Image button.

4. You can also delete images by clicking the "Delete" button next to the image you want to delete.

5. You can also change the order of the images by clicking and dragging the images to the position you want.

6. Finally, you can save your changes by clicking the "Save Changes" button.

How to manage different product options


To manage the different product options in Woocommerce, you need to create the corresponding properties depending on what products you have.

Example in the menu Products > Properties you must create each group of properties required, such as Color, Size, Material and in each one add the corresponding terms.

These properties will be used in products that are not simple but variable, i.e. they have the possibility for the user to choose an option such as its color.


The listing process can be time-consuming and demanding in details, but if done in the right way and always guided by the rules of good seo, you can be sure that it can give maximum results to your store!

Always use quality original content for your product description, correct comprehensive titles, properly rename images according to their title and code and you will immediately see positive results in their ranking on all search engines.