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Opencart 4 - All changes

Opencart 4 – All changes included in the new version. After several years in beta form and with hundreds of additions, it is now close to us in a stable version.

It includes very important fixes in security issues, with even better support of new techniques for the protection of the system but also compliance with the law for the personal data of all users.

Opencart 4 - Όλες οι αλλαγές
opencart4 ti perilambanei oi allages

Most of the changes have been made to points that are not visible to the end user and focus on better overall experience of both the manager and the client.

What are the key changes?

  • The well-known and functional copywriter CKEDITOR has returned without the need to install an external add-on.
  • The basic settings of the system have been greatly simplified, while the radio buttons have been removed almost everywhere and replaced by dropdown menus, which have better organization and understanding.

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  • A very important change, that all external add-ons are organized in an external folder and outside the main folders of Opencart 4.
  • Direct update to a newer version, by management.
  • Built GDPR personal data control functionality into its core Opencart 4, and the use of an external plugin is not required in this case either.
gdpr opencart4
  • A significant change is the ability to add a variant of a product, which will be automatically based on the parent product and will be able to have consolidated quantities for pieces. Of course it will be able to have independent information or just use it automatically from the parent product.
  • Ability to add cron jobs (automated tasks - such as updating an xml from a vendor) directly from the Opencart 4 environment can be useful if your server does not support more than one such process.

Technical changes

  • - PHP 8.1+ compatibility
  • - New event based extension system
  • - Start page
  • - Page for CRON jobs
  • GDPR compatibility
  • - Variants of products based on parent products and sharing common information
  • - Cookie acceptance system, integrated without the use of an add-on
  • - Direct management update for all the latest Opencart news and updates
  • - Autoloader class
  • - The field of the phone at checkout is not necessary by default
  • - Additional safety valves for management, such as the ability to rename and use a folder other than admin

They were informed

  • - Boootstrap 5
  • - jQuery v3.6.0
  • - Font Awsome 6
  • - CKEditor 5
  • Rename order_recurring to subscription system.
  • - Sliding buttons instead of checkboxes
  • - All forms use AJAX technology, no need to manually save every change
  • - New Opencart installation system 4
  • Ability to update to a newer version directly from the management
  • - Reporting system
  • - Administrator notifications
  • - The backup process saves the database in parts, to avoid crashing when it is too large
  • - Order processing has been improved in many places and the api is no longer required, which caused many errors in older versions