The traditional media on the internet

The Greek media pass through the internet portal according to a university research on "Internet media and the standards of the WEB, the Greek case".

The survey data included 106 media outlets, 38 television stations of which only 23 had an email address, 53 radio stations of which 43 had an Internet presence and 55 newspapers of which 40 had sites.

Satisfactory use of alternative broadcast channels, ie their presence in media other than the main one, appears in the 13% of television stations, in the 10% of newspapers while in radio stations only 11.6% uses different publication channels.

While newspaper 38% provides users with access to their archive, channel 25% provides catch-up TV services and one-third of radio stations provide podcasts.

In the list of the 20 highest scores, the newspapers occupy nine positions, while in the news media are mentioned as interactive, among others, SKAI and Kathimerini