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How to improve the ranking of your website

Basic rules for better ranking and performance of a website

Improve loading speed!

How to improve your website ranking with some quick tips. Website speed is one of the most important factors when designing and building a new website, and improving it can cause a large increase in website traffic. if she web page you need more than 2 or 3 seconds, it is very likely that users will either close or turn to another website which may be your competitor and which will offer faster navigation than yours. As design plays a leading role and graphics become more attractive and heavy with the use of high quality images and videos it is difficult to keep a web page loading speed low.

It is obvious that website loading time has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. People on the internet want to find and read content as fast as possible. It is generally accepted that we all go online because we just do not want to leave home to shop in conjunction with the best prices that are usually there.

Pay more attention to performance and treat it as part of the overall layout design that will ultimately have a project you create.

Check if your website works perfectly in many different browsers and at a good speed.

Here are the minimum rules you need to follow to get your website loading fast:

  • Reduce the HTTP requests that the website sends
  • Compress file size either via Cpanel or Plesk panel or by command in .htaccess file
  • Minimize the size of CSS and JS files that load parallel to the page
  • Reduction of waiting time

We live in a portable world!

THE use mobile has grown rapidly. We can say that more than 55% of online traffic is through mobile devices. Almost anyone is able to access the internet via mobile phones and with so many users and so many smartphones out there, it would be a huge mistake to "lose" this audience.

The solution in this case is for our website to be responsive, ie to be automatically adapted to all mobile phones and tablets. An important parameter is that the website we design must "play" in many different resolutions as well. This is not easy, as it requires several changes to the code (java script and CSS files) but an experienced developer is able to do it.

The advantage of a responsive website is firstly, the loading speed and secondly the better ranking in the Google search results.

Pay attention to the content

Content is more important than keywords anymore. Most users have been conditioned to believe that more keywords equals better rankings. This according to Google no longer valid or only valid to a minimal extent.

Remember that more than 10 keywords are simply ignored by the search engine

What a new website needs is original texts, simply written and understood. Use at least 1-2 images in each text you insert into your website in conjunction with a video.

Make sure each image you upload to your blog or website has a name that describes what it looks like and also add a second alternative text in the alt field that describes its content again.

The general conclusion is that the real work begins after the construction of a website or an e-shop for your business.

You have to remember that it takes a lot of man-hours from an administrator to maintain and maintain a high level of any project set up for profit and readability.