Advantages of listing a store on Skroutz

“Skroutz, the most famous website for online shopping! Discover the benefits of introducing your store to Skroutz!”


His platform Skroutz is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Greece. Listing a store can be an ideal option for businesses looking to expand their business. It offers a number of advantages that can help businesses achieve their goals.

The first advantage of listing a store on Skroutz, it is the possibility for businesses to extend their commercial activity to a wide audience. A public that is used to making almost all of their online purchases only through Skroutz. It is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Greece, so listing a store is almost a one-way street.

The second advantage of listing a store is the potential for businesses to achieve more traffic. It offers a number of advertising features that can help businesses achieve greater search engine visibility and an alternative way to directly advertise their products to an instantly accessible audience.

How can you benefit from listing your store on Skroutz?

τι-μας-προσφέρει-η-εισαγωγή-στο-skroutzFirst, you can take advantage of the wide availability of your products to a broad community of buyers. In addition, you can benefit from the ability to create a transparency for your products and services, as well as advertise your products to a wide community of buyers.

Finally, you can benefit from being able to ensure a successful buyer experience by providing excellent support and service.

  1. Your store's access to a wide customer base
  2. Zero risk for purchases from your store through the Skroutz platform
  3. Automation of purchase processes through special tools of the platform (Skroutz Cart)
  4. Strengthening your brand awareness

How can you get your store listed on Skroutz?

1. Add your store to Skroutz using the official store import tool and in collaboration with your technician, ask him to prepare the necessary file for you xml with which your products will be sent to Skroutz.

2. Fill in your Skroutz store details, including products and their prices.

3. Add images and descriptions of your products to ensure customers have access to information that will help them make the best possible decision.

4. Add ads for your products on Skroutz to ensure customers are aware of your products.

5. Add free shipping to your Skroutz orders to ensure customers have the best shopping experience possible.

6. Add free returns to your orders

What are the differences between listing stores on Skroutz and listing them on other platforms?

The main advantage is the comparative use of the Skroutz platform in the entire Greek market in relation to competing companies.

Additional benefits and features reinforce the positive features of the platform, while the huge audience of 8 million unique visitors is a lure for every store.


Listing a store on Skroutz has many advantages, such as ease of advertising, ease of transactions, ease of order management, and ease of customer management. It's a move that can instantly provide you with customers for your online store, which is neither easy nor self-evident especially for new stores.

It is a move that is recommended for almost all stores, knowing of course the high commission fees per order and the annual subscription required from February 1, 2023.