New Adwords campaigns

Google is changing what we thought was more or less a given in AdWords and is evolving the philosophy of ad campaigns. Multiple targeting devices - PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones - now determine the consumer behavior of users and their combination defines the new digital marketing tools. Google is upgrading AdWords advertising campaigns by enabling each advertiser to more intelligently and flexibly target their target audience.

Those of you who already advertise in AdWords will have noticed the announcement in your account about the upcoming upgrade of your campaign. Change is approaching and, whether we like it or not, Google has announced that by July 22, 2013 all campaigns will be upgraded. If you want to stay in the game you will need to be informed about the changes that are going to be made in your campaign and to prepare properly by following the advice of AdWords Experts of In our post you will read the new features of the improved campaigns, along with useful tips to properly prepare for the impending change.


How improved are the new AdWords campaigns?


1. All targeting devices in a single campaign

Until now, Google has advised advertisers to create different campaigns for each targeting device, e.g. 1 campaign for targeting desktop devices, 1 campaign for targeting tablet devices, 1 campaign for mobile devices. The data changes and in Enhanced Campaigns you will target all devices, adjusting your bids according to device type.

For example, if users who use their mobile to do searches have more value for you, you can become more competitive by adjusting CPC bids for mobile devices accordingly.

However, Google identifies tablets with desktop devices and you will now be targeting both together in one campaign. This means that all advertisers will target both devices in their campaign, so CPC may increase for tablet devices without you being able to do anything about it.


2. Flexibly adjust your offers by device, area and time of day

The important thing is that you will be able to adjust the offers (bid) for each device you target, depending on the location you target and for a different time of day. For example, a restaurant with a presence in Athens and Rhodes to ensure all available traffic during the summer months, will target a campaign in both areas but may increase the CPC offer for users in Rhodes who search from their mobile on Sat.

Remember, your ad ranking position is determined by Quality Score and CPC bid. Therefore, if you adjust your bid accordingly in combination with one high Quality Score, the ad may appear in a higher ranking and therefore, the likelihood of them becomingconversions.


3. New ad extensions so new types of conversions

At ad extensions that you already know and probably manage, 4 new ones have been added, more improved and upgraded:


call extensions,

applications (app extensions),

sitelink extensions, and

offer extensions.


Now, you have the opportunity to track more types of conversions, in addition to online shopping or newsletter subscriptions, such as AdWords advertising calls, app downloads, and conversions from various devices.

For a pizzeria that does delivery, it is more important to monitor the calls coming from AdWords advertising, as well as for an eshop with iphone applications, certainly monitoring the downloads provides exactly the information that the advertiser needs to evaluate his investment.


4. Does anything change in the calculation of the Quality Score?

The answer is no. According to Google, the Quality Score for different devices will not be affected by the upcoming Upgrade to Improved Campaigns. It is good to remember that the Quality Score is calculated on a scale from 1 to 10 and evaluates the relevance of the ads. Combined with CPC bidding determine the ranking position of your ads.


3 Tips for Better Performance with Improved Campaigns


1. Make sure to keep your ads' average ranking high (Avg. position) as the advertising space on mobile / tablet devices is very limited, compared to desktop devices, as a result of which your ads will not appear if they are not in the top 2. A high ranking will help you achieve a high CTR and therefore, increase the chance for more conversions.


2. It is easier to proceed with optimization actions ifCategorize the performance of your improved campaign by targeting device. For example, if you find that your mobile performance is not satisfactory, you can increase your mobile-only bid or modify your keywords, banners, or landing pages to achieve greater relevance.


3. Experiment with all the new features of Improved Campaigns and evaluate depending on the performance of the new campaign. The evaluation of your AdWords investment will come after constantly monitoring and optimizing your entire campaign, so there's no point in upgrading your campaign, or letting Google do it for you, and then leaving it in the lurch. of online competition… =)