E-Commerce: Turnover increase by 480% in Greece over the last five years

According to annual survey of the E-Commerce Laboratory (ELTRUN) of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the turnover of electronic shopping B2C (business to consumer) in Greece reached 2.9 billion euros in 2012 compared to 1.8 billion euros last year (increase 61%). Specifically, this year a total of 1.9 million Greeks (up from 1.5 million in 2011) bought online products or services, while on average consumers made 20 online purchases annually worth a total of 1,600 euros (out of 15 purchases of a total value 1,200 euros in 2011). Taking into account the evolution of the e-shopping turnover of the five years 2008-2012, then it presents a spectacular increase of 480%.


In terms of products and services purchased electronically, the largest increase in sales was recorded in the travel services sector, which came in first to third place. There was a significant increase in clothing and footwear (from tenth to fifth place) due to the preferences of Greek consumers to buy branded (but at the same time) cheap products that already offer several online stores in the form of Shopping Clubs now in this category. Respectively, the 81% of online-consumers continue to visit the websites of discount coupons, while the 61% of them make purchases from the specific sites. It is now remarkable that for the first time a share has appeared in the online markets of services related to telecommunications, insurance, rental and sale, finance and law.

The importance of the internet for shopping is also highlighted by the trend that online consumers for the 50% of their 2012 shopping at physical stores have searched, compared products, and done online market research before making a purchase. It would be interesting if in the future ELTRUN could enrich its research with the percentage of smartphone owners who often use their devices in a store, to retrieve information about product prices and then order it (outside the store) via the internet, ie to carry outShowrooming.

Regarding the use of pmultichannel distribution network In online stores, the pick-up rate of products ordered by consumers via the internet is 28%.