Επιδότηση έως 5000E για κατασκευή νέου e shop

Subsidy up to €5000 for the construction of a new e-shop

The new action of EPANEK "e-retail" to support affected businesses during the pandemic, has already started!

The subsidy concerns total costs of up to €5000 for the creation of a new e-shop or the upgrade of an existing e-shop if the business already had one before 18/03/2020.

In order to be eligible for the subsidy, a business must meet three conditions:

  1. To have started work before 30/9/2019 for existing businesses and before 12/02/2021 for start-ups
  2. To be active in the retail sector and not wholesale, either as a main activity or as a secondary activity as long as it is the one with the largest income
  3. To maintain a physical store whose operation has been suspended at least once, even for one day, from 18/3/2020 onwards

Applications have started and the deadline for submitting applications is 24/3/2021.

The application is submitted to the State Aid Information System (www.ependyseis.gr/mis).

To submit the application, the following documents must be attached:

  • Status of active activities (KAD) and printing of the company's Personalized Information through the website gsis.gr
  • Responsible Statements on fulfillment of the SME status and on fulfillment of the accumulation requirements
  • Tax information and forms with their electronic/paper submission indications visible


The Ministry of Development and Investments will implement strict controls to avoid mistakes in the selection of businesses.


  • Benchmarking is now applied so that problems/errors in submission of applications are avoided for the sake of fast submission.
  • The targeting of the invitation is specialized to businesses that are active mainly in Retail trade of various kinds (MAJOR CARD or CARD with the largest revenues).
  • Weight is given to the most affected companies, so that companies with a large decrease in turnover are ahead of the relevant ranking list.
  • Priority is given to businesses that maintain a physical store, as they are most affected by restrictions on the movement of citizens/consumers.
  • It is allowed to implement an online store in the form of "hosting" on large and secure websites.
  • The advance implementation of the online store is no longer required, as businesses will be given six (6) months after joining to implement their project.

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