General information about Opencart

With the constant development of the internet, more and more people are turning to the creation of online stores, for lower operating costs, 24-hour ordering and for many other advantages that this way of selling has. This development creates the need for tools that implement the operation of the online store. One of these tools is OpenCart.

OpenCart is an open source e-commerce system written in PHP. A reliable e-commerce solution that enables marketers to set up their own online business and engage in e-commerce at the lowest possible cost. The user interface offers many options that greatly facilitate online shopping. There is a rich range of navigation tools in store products in various ways such as:

  • Navigation of products based on the manufacturer.
  • Navigation to the most popular products.
  • Navigation to the latest products.
  • Navigation based on the category / subcategory to which a product belongs.
  • Navigate to products with a specific name or description (search).

Of course, its function could not be missing shopping cart. It is possible to create a client account so that it can be used. Along with the shopping cart, there are options for setting shipping costs and various payment methods. Product values can be displayed in different currencies, and the management of the online store is easy, through menus and options per product.

The OpenCart, can be localized very easily, as there are localization functions. The Greek translation of the application, supported by EELLAK in the context of the competition for "Hellenization and development of ELLAK".

The OpenCart distributed under the license GNU Lesser General Public License: The official website of the software is located at: The translation files are located at, and the Greek instruction manual that includes the installation instructions of the translation files can be found at: