WordPress 6 - What it includes

The new version of the popular CMS has just been released and includes more than 1000 total changes and additions.

Overall, with each update, Automattic, the company that created WordPress, is slowly and steadily adding new features to the popular platform. The new block editor is the one that receives the most upgrades and in the new version now, it has reached a satisfactory level.

Gutebenrg, as it is called, is the company's solution for easy design through ready-made blocks, to the standards of popular page builders, such as Elementor and WP Visual Bakery.

With the new blocks added in version 6, users have the ability to write more complex articles and each page can become an empty canvas with unlimited possibilities.

In general, the overall experience that a user can write a text has been greatly improved, with small additions to change the style, fonts and easy text selection.

Finally developers have greatly optimized the overall performance of WordPress. 6.0 mainly in the loading speed of the editor and the performance in frontend, greatly reducing the execution of various queries.


- Quickly switch styles to text with the push of a button

- Ability to save and export saved templates (either on the same website or in a new one)

- The "More" button is now a separate block where it is fully editable in terms of colors to make it stand out

- Ability to add the biography of the author of an article anywhere in the text you wish

- Display the author avatar image, also anywhere you want

- Add a characteristic image as a background image to the cover block

- Easy text selection in any block, until now there was a difficulty in making the exact selection of any point of the text the user wanted

- Option to lock any change to an already saved block

- A very important addition, the choice of how a block will look depending on each device separately, is fully responsive in version 6

General improvements have been added such as adding a border to a block, adding a space between images in a gallery

  • - Optimizations for people with disabilities, such as using alt descriptions, reading titles and descriptions

Technical changes

- Webfonts API will provide theme authors a more efficient way to manage local fonts via PHP or theme.json

- An API to prevent blocks from appearing on Widgets screen

- Make get_the_author_link pluggable

- Improved sticky post query

As with any version, we recommend that you check that all your add-ons are compatible with the new version and then upgrade after you have first backed up your full website.

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