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Our Company has been founded by young people coming from Kalymnos, “the sponge island”. Our family's tradition with Sponge business lasts over 70 years, resulting in a deep knowledge of sea's best product, sponge.
Our sponges are harvested in Mediterranean Sea, which are of the highest quality worldwide. At the same time, best mediterranean types, Honeycomb and Fine Silk are rare to be found and harvested in great depths. As a consequence, many sponge divers of our Island lost their lives or their boby integrity.
We also stock the best qualities of Caribbean sponges, Hard Type and Grass A in the most competitive prices, as all types are processed in our laboratories in Kalymnos, with tradition ways, exactly as 100 years ago. All sponges are hand trimmed.
Our philosophy is our passion to deliver highest quality products all over the world, and promote Kalymnos Island and Greece to people who love nature and have green spirit. Our first priority is customer satisfaction, for which often we sacrifice profit.


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Sponge products

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