Mountathos Legacy
E-shop with monastic products in Woocommerce

We are a group of orthodox Christians, who, guided by faith in God and with a lot of love, reverence and respect for Mount Athos, created the "Holy Heritage" trying to support and strengthen the survival of its monasteries.

With the wishes and help of priests and monks, with dedication and respect for the spiritual and cultural tradition of the Holy Fathers, our goal is a quality project at the service of the person who seeks the blessing of the monasteries of Mount Athos.

With a guarantee for the high quality standards of the works and with respect for the labor of monastic life, we offer the general public certified, pure, quality and authentic products from the orchard of Panagia. Service, the constant effort for quality, personal interest and respect for the customer and his needs, are part of our work because every collaboration honors and inspires us.


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