Microsoft reveals that the Cloud Download feature will reinstall Windows 10

Windows 10 20H1 update (version 2004) will have a new Cloud Download feature which will allow you to instantly repair your desktop or laptop from a corrupted operating system installation. If you have ever had to reinstall Windows 10 or reset it due to performance issues or other technical issues, you know firsthand that the process takes extra time and of course a Windows 10 installation that has not been corrupted. If the OS installation files are corrupted, you will not be able to reset Windows 10 and will need to use an ISO image to get through Windows again.

Right now, reinstalling Windows 10 uses an image (that is, a disk image) of Windows that your laptop has had since it came out of the manufacturer's factory. And because the ISO file can be several months old, you will have to reinstall the updates from scratch.

Right now Windows 10 includes the Reset your PC option which is a very quick and easy way to reinstall Windows. Windows 10 gathers all the system files needed to reinstall when you choose to reset the PC and does not require a recovery partition from the manufacturer. With Windows 10 Cloud Download, Microsoft comes to solve all the disadvantages of the traditional reset method. Instead of using existing system files, the CLOUD Download feature instructs Windows to download the installation files from Microsoft servers.

Therefore you will return to Windows 10 faster and the reset process will not fail even if the installation files have been corrupted. In the process, the company installs the latest version of Windows 10 along with all the updates. In fact, the company states that the Windows Cloud Recovery feature will apply all OEM customizations and will not remove bloatware on your PC. Users need at least 2.82GB of data or Wi-Fi to reinstall the OS via the cloud.