The Terms of Use are necessary in every website, online store, forum, facebook fan page facebook micro site, facebook profile that wants to operate legally and provide secure services to its users.

It is a legal text that binds the user on the one hand and the owner / creator of the website, eshop, forum, facebook microsite, facebook fan page, facebook profile on the other, so that the obligations and rights of each party are clear and known to all.

Their existence is necessary under certain circumstances defined by law and in certain forms of websites. However, the professional image that every site, eshop, forum, facebook microsite, facebook fan page, facebook profile wishes to present, always requires the existence of general terms of use that explain its mode of operation and its responsibility towards users.

The Terms of Use are legal work, for which the assistance of a lawyer is required. The practice of copying and pasting legal terms from various websites is illegal but mainly leads to legal problems, as the website operator ignores basic legal rules and regulations that govern each website depending on its operation and use.

The basic distinction of websites from a legal point of view is made depending on whether users are required to register on them or not. From this point of view the Terms of Use are differentiated depending on the type of data they collect, the content they include and their interaction with users.

It is necessary in the Terms of Use to guarantee not only the rights of our users but also our own. So in every text of Terms of Use I consider it necessary to add special terms related to the copyright of the software, the source code, the database and even the design or content of the website.